Product-Led Growth Week (PLGW)

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TheVentureCity - (February 22 - 26, 2021) Free product-focused virtual series and then a $100k+ investment opportunity for our diverse founders.

A global investment group focused on helping founders find product-market fit and led by former Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other big tech alums, is hosting PLGW.

Please reference **Venture Catalysts** for anyone applying


Day 1: Monday, February 22nd

  • Opening Session: Welcome to the Product-Led Growth Week w/ Edgard D. Duque (Manager, Product-Led Growth Program Americas, TheVentureCity)
  • Morning Session: The Importance of Speed w/Katya Skorobogatova (Chief Growth Officer, TheVentureCity - ex: Whatsapp, Facebook)
    Our Chief Growth Officer will cover key steps to take when managing a high-growth-potential startup, such as moving fast, increasing decision-making speed, and increasing software delivery speed.
  • Afternoon Founder Session: Ask Me Anything w/Susanne Klepsch (Co-Founder & CEO of Meetfox)

Day 2: Tuesday, February 23rd

  • Morning Session: User Journey w/ David Marcus (VP Product, TheVentureCity)
    This session will center around how user journey is a great tool to start improving the health of your startup. Learn from our VP of Product about:
       - The difference between customers and users
       - What differentiates user journeys from customer journeys
       - What user journeys and customer journey look like when mapped out
       - What important points you should cover when you create your own user journey
  • Afternoon Session: Growth Mindset w/ Laura González-Estéfani (Founder & CEO, TheVentureCity - ex: Facebook, eBay)
    We will talk about what type of mentality should entrepreneurs and founders have in order to build a successful startup, the importance of having a growth mindset, the most common challenges that founders face and the differences across geographies.

Day 3: Wednesday, February 24th

  • Morning Session: Measuring Product Usage and Health w/ David Smith (Data Scientist, TheVentureCity)
          - What does measuring the health of a person and measuring the health of an established business share in common? Find out from our VP of Data & Analytics as he provides an overview on metrics, recommends what data to use when measuring the health of your startup, and covers topics such as growth accounting, cohort analysis, unit economics, engagement, and building your own data pipeline.
        - You’ll also learn about TheVentureCity’s Data Pipeline Toolkit and how you can use it for your own startup!
  • Afternoon Session: Leadership for Growth w/ Jimena Zubiria (VP of People and Comms., TheVentureCity - ex: Google)
    Our VP of People will guide you to design the foundation for and build your company culture “brick by brick”:
        - The Ground: Vision + Mission + Values
        - The Walls: The Team
        - The Windows: Setting Goals & Communication Transparency
        - The Roof: Leadership

Day 4: Thursday, February 25th

  • Morning Session: Product-Led Growth Strategies w/ Katya Skorobogatova (Chief Growth Officer, TheVentureCity - ex: Whatsapp, Facebook)
        - Discover from our Chief Growth Officer why Product is your main asset, as well as how Growth is a way to align and a process for your startup, as she discusses acquisition, activation, retention, and virality.
        - This session will also cover how to approach internationalization and how to adopt a global perspective.
  • Afternoon Founder Session: Ask Me Anything w/Sasha Miagkyi (Co-Founder & CEO of

Day 5: Friday, February 26th

  • Morning Session: Fundraising Essentials w/ Andy Areitio (Fund Partner Americas, TheVentureCity)
    Learn from TheVentureCity’s Fund Partner about:
        - How a VC firm works
        - Milestones required to unlock VC money
        - The basics of fundraising
        - Dilution
        - Vanity Capital vs. Venture Capital
        - How VCs make decisions
        - What materials you should prepare when fundraising
  • Closing Session w/ Edgard D. Duque (Manager, Product-Led Growth Program Americas, TheVentureCity)