Locally-grown produce delivery subscription service

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Would you rather bite into an apple that was picked yesterday from the tree in your own backyard or one that was shipped cross-country and kept in storage for months?

Based in New Center, Detroit, is a new, flexible produce delivery subscription for those of us who like to cook and eat with super fresh, sustainable and locally-grown ingredients. Each week, we curate and deliver a reusable basket filled with 10 of the best things growing within two hours of your doorstep. is like a modern CSA - you can edit your basket, pause or skip a week whenever you want. It allows you to support several small farms in your community while getting seasonal, just-picked fruit and veg that is harvested at the peak of its nutrition and flavor.

Why should we care now? launched in the final weeks of 2020 - a tough year, particularly for farmers. Early in the pandemic as we went into lockdown, we saw thousands of gallons of milk poured down drains, fields left to rot, and fresh produce ploughed into the dirt because it was cheaper to throw away good food than to harvest and distribute to those who needed it most.

Chening Duker, a Detroit-based entrepreneur, software engineer, and immigrant, started working on Goodpluck in 2019. When Covid-19 came, it illuminated many of the desperate issues with our food system. Most of our food is grown and bred for profit, rather than our health or wellbeing. We grow it on huge, overcrowded factory farms, spray it with chemicals to keep nature in check, process it to lengthen shelf-life and then ship it long distances to massive stores. This type of food system made it possible to feed millions of people as cheaply as possible 50 years ago, but it no longer serves us, or the planet, today.

Goodpluck was built as a response to a deeply problematic and ageing food system. It aims to make it really easy to get food that is good for us (delicious, nutritious), good for the planet (local and sustainably grown) and good for the farmers (who live & work in your community).

Since Goodpluck launched, we've sourced from over 40 small local farms both inside Detroit and the local area (less than 2 hours away). We deliver directly from farmers with no warehouse or stores in the middle. This saves money meaning we can pay farmers fairly for their produce. You'd have to buy 5 times as much produce at a grocery store for a farmer to see the same amount of dollars as they would in a Goodpluck basket.

Our next big milestone is to earn 100 customers in the Detroit Metro & surrounding area. We are 1/5th of the way there!

Community Ask: sign up and try out a basket at Even if you are not into the subscription thing (you can pause whenever you want) your feedback is like peak-season Michigan peaches to us, and we are building new improvements from customer feedback into the platform every week.